About Brian

Brian Wapole

Brian Wapole

Brian is the author of the young people’s novel The Feast of the Moon, now available in paperback and in all major e-book formats.

A former high school English teacher, Brian is a free-lance writer, private tutor and fiction wizard for the Schaumburg Township District Library.

He grew up in Albany Park, a canton on Chicago’s northwest side that a University of Chicago study determined was one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. Over one-hundred native languages were represented within its boundaries.

Brian now lives in Schaumburg IL, where over one-hundred restaurant franchises are represented within its boundaries. Brian is writing a sequel to The Feast of the Moon as well as a novel about the ghost of a seventeen-year old boy striving to get the most out of death.

His blog, Five-Minute Bedtime Stories, mines his extensive storytelling experience. He welcomes comments and suggestions.

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